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A DIY-grade pneumatic tool will almost always last longer than a DIY-grade power tool—especially when it’s serviced by our qualified technicians. Air tools are lightweight and safe—as there is no electric supply— and there’s a higher power to weight ratio.

Most tools are designed to run on 90 pounds per square inch of PSI. When you book your tools in with Rockhampton Air Tool Services, we’ll make sure your tools have enough air pressure to run efficiently.

Yes. Stick to the recommended air pressure and the air powered tool will perform better than if used at a higher pressure—and last longer!

Also known as an air gun, an impact wrench is a tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion from the user—storing energy and exerting pressure suddenly.

Impact wrenches are heavier, bulkier and more powerful than impact drivers. Impact wrenches are made for loosening and fastening sockets while impact drivers drive screws.

Yes—but we recommend that if you need to drill a precise-sized hole—it’s best to use a drill and regular drill bits.